Our Mission

Trulyhelp foundation pursuit is to change this society for its betterment in aspects of equal rights, healthcare opportunities, children education. Our approach is inspired by Marx who believed in equality of underprivileged ones. Equality is the soul of liberty. One gets liberal with right education and healthcare. When one gets equal rights individually and in community then only they can be self-contained and build safe and bright environment for our society. We need your facilitation in breaking the unbalanced traditions of this society and make it better and peaceful place.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make this society more empathetic so that needy ones can get basic needs(equal rights, good food, good education, good healthcare and community which accepts them with whole heart). If all of us join in this vision together, we all can make this society better place to live for present and generations to come. Good education and healthcare for each person in every community is the only way to reach towards this vision and make this society pleasant place.


Values are one of the important part to be considered in the process of creating a better world. If you lack it, you can thrive but can never succeed. Sooner or later you will encounter failure only.So we focus on our values more than we focus on anything else.

Core Value


Promote inquiry and innovation across all levels of the organization Build creative capacity of all stakeholders through openness to new ideas.


We are passionate people who are not afraid to be hopeful, demonstrate enthusiasm and stand by our belief of an abuse-free world for children.


Providing equal opportunities, Creating a culture of collaboration, encouraging information sharing and participatory decision making.


We value being honest and true to ourselves and being authentic and consistent in our behaviour, actions and words.


our values and policies, our failures and mistakes and openly share our ideas and knowledge with all internal and external stakeholders