Trulyhelp's approach towards sustainable community development

We have many programs and play various functions and roles, which assist community to become empowered, and eventually attain sustainable development. Microfinance programs improve the economic well-being of communities by job creation and income generation. In the long run, this economic empowerment will contribute to sustainable community development. through capacity building, develop community capacities such as ability, skill and knowledge of mobilizing resources, planning and evaluating community initiation and solving problems to gain the mastery over their lives. It also motivates the community to participate in the projects and help them to improve quality of theirlives. Participants are expected to coordinate meetings, plan community activities, and be practical in community initiatives. Furthermore, TRULYHELP mobilize the communities to be self-reliant. It assists the communities to discover their potentials and rely on their resources. We contribute towards the realization of sustainable community development.

Through the functions of providing microfinance, initiating capacity building and self -reliance, we promote empowerment among community members, and eventually community sustainable development.

TRULYHELP functions in community development are, among others, develop the local production and local markets; help the community to develop the social, capital and human resources; increase the knowledge and skills; encourage people to participate in activities, and act as anetwork between community and systems. The involvement in these activities would lead to them become empowered, which is the output ofcommunity development. In the long run, the outcome would be sustainable community development.


Trulyhelp Foundation’s approach is structured arround bringing change at all the levels.